State Says More Ohio Online Charter Schools Can't Document Their Student Numbers

A look at several online charter school attendance reviews reveal that more e-schools might be either unable or unwilling to meet the standards the state has set to prove students are learning. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports. For weeks, the state has been battling with its largest online charter school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow or ECOT, over how it records the number of hours its more than 15,000 students spend learning. Those hours are critical to the funding of ECOT...
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screenshot of ESSA webinar

Most Ohio schools are already in session for this school year, but the Ohio Department of Education has its eye towards the next one.

StateImpact Ohio’s Michelle Faust reports the state is beginning a series of meetings seeking community input on its implementation of a new federal law.

The Every Student Succeeds Act—or ESSA—passed last December with bipartisan congressional support, replacing the George W. Bush administration's No Child Left Behind.  

photo of Jon Husted
Statehouse News Bureau

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he thinks the voting system could be rigged. And recently, the FBI raised questions about hackers trying to disrupt voting systems in Arizona and Illinois. 

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says his office works with law enforcement to test the integrity of electronic voting machines. But even if someone were able to hack into those machines, Husted says there would be a backup way to verify votes.

“Every vote has a paper trail attached to it.” 

rendering of the dredged material facility
Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority

Each year, ports on the Great Lakes dredge tons of material to keep shipping lanes open. But disposing of the spoils is a big problem. The Port of Toledo has a creative approach:  farming.

The Port of Toledo dredges more sediment than any port on the Great Lakes – up to a million cubic yards every year. The Port’s Joseph Cappel says the idea of reusing sediment as soil for agriculture is new for the Great Lakes region and ideal for Lake Erie’s western basin. 

photo of Ted Strickland

This story has been updated to reflected the withdrawal of a second set of ads.  

Two major Democratic groups are pulling back on planned TV ad spending to support former Gov. Ted Strickland in his race against incumbent Republican Rob Portman. But Strickland’s campaign says, don’t read too much into that. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports.

Greater Cleveland Partnership logo
Greater Cleveland partnership

The push to increase Cleveland’s income tax by a half percent has gotten some strong backing. The Greater Cleveland Partnership, the area’s chamber of commerce, is endorsing the November ballot issue to raise the tax to 2.5 percent.


Beachwood-based aluminum products maker Aleris Corp. has been purchased by a Chinese company in a $2.3 billion deal. Aleris officials say the purchase gives the company a better opportunity to grow.

Ohio prepares to vote

A decision throwing out the week where Ohioans could register to vote and cast ballots at the same time is being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court by Democrat. But Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler says the state is going ahead with its plans to reach out to voters.

More than 7 million absentee ballot applications will go out to registered voters on Friday – part of a 2014 state law that requires Ohio to send those out in presidential election years if lawmakers set aside the money. The law also bans local boards of elections from sending them out.

Daniel Tokaji

A recent federal court decision upheld an Ohio law that wiped out the so-called Golden Week, the period of time when voters can both register and cast a ballot at the same time. That’s being appealed. And as Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, that isn’t the last of legal questions and lawsuits.


A look at several online charter school attendance reviews reveal that more e-schools might be either unable or unwilling to meet the standards the state has set to prove students are learning. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.


photo of Cindy Koumoutzis

International Overdose Awareness Day is this Wednesday, and one Stark County group marked the occasion this weekend.

On Saturday in Canton, Ohio Change Addiction Now hosted an event to raise awareness that addiction is a disease that can affect the entire family.

Cindy Koumoutzis from North Canton is co-founder of the group’s Ohio chapter. She says recovery starts at home, and families need to work with those in recovery to rebuild trust and reconnect with spouses and siblings.


Reconnecting You with the Political Process

As part of the Ohio Media Project, WKSU will work to reframe how the 2016 campaigns are covered, restoring your voice in the process

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The California Assembly unanimously passed a measure that requires a prison sentence for anyone convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious person.

As part of the project A Nation Engaged, NPR and member stations are exploring America's role in the world heading into the presidential election.

Everyone knew President Obama would say something about gay rights when he visited Kenya last summer. Many American activists were pressing him to publicly condemn Kenya's colonial-era law making homosexuality a crime.

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Whether you're in Maine or Michigan, state fairs have their own smell — a mix of hot oil from the curly fries, and that unmistakable livestock tent.

One exhibit at this summer's Oregon State Fair, though, has a particularly distinctive funk. It's the one introducing a new crop: marijuana.

"It was this year that the state legislature designated cannabis as a farm crop. And the general public should know what it's all about," says Don Morse, the head of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council.

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