DEVO Obsesso
Michael Pilmer / DEVO Obsesso

Shuffle: 'DEVO Obsessos' Get Weird In Cleveland

You can expect to see red dome hats and yellow jumpsuits in Northeast Ohio this weekend. Fans of the iconic Akron new wave band DEVO have their annual convention at Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom. For this week’s Shuffle, DEVO superfan Michael Pilmer talks about the 'DEVOtional' fan convention that he co-founded 17 years ago. A Stow native, Pilmer, who runs a website under the moniker " DEVO Obsesso ," discovered the band in 1980 with the hit song "Whip It." "They were the first band I ever...

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photo of Gov. John Kasich at state fair

State investigators are continuing to examine the Ohio State Fair ride that broke apart, killing one person and leaving seven others injured. Gov. John Kasich isn’t ruling out the possibility that this may have been an unavoidable accident.

The air was full of the typical sounds of the Ohio State Fair, except for the eerie absence of the rides as they stood still. All rides are shut down as the State Highway Patrol carries out its investigation into the “Fire Ball” a giant pendulum that swings riders up to 40 feet into the air.

photo of Summit County Fair logo

Summit County Fair Director Howard Call says he is confident in the safety of attendees at his fair.

A ride accident at the Ohio State Fair killed one and injured seven others. yesterday

As with the state fair, rides here are inspected daily under state law, and Call says those at the Summit fair have been accident-free for 24 years. And there’s a key difference between rides at the Ohio State Fair and the Summit County Fair.

picture of execution bed

An outspoken critic of the death penalty says -- though yesterday’s lethal injection of Ronald Phillips was problem-free -- he worries that won’t be the case with the more than two-dozen executions scheduled over the next three years.

photo of Akron arson

The Summit County grand jury has indicted Stanley Ford on 29 counts -- with more possible – in a string of arsons on Akron’s west side that left nine people dead.

Ford was initially arrested in connection with a house fire in May that killed seven people – five of them children. Investigators say evidence then linked him to a fire last year that killed two people, plus an unrelated car fire. All of them were within a block of Ford’s home.

Split photo of Donald Trump, left, and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, right

Both of Ohio’s U.S. senators expressed surprise at President Trump’s announcement today that he will bar transgender people from serving in the military. 

Trump made his surprise declaration in a series of Twitter posts, saying the military can’t afford what he claimed are the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” that comes with transgender people.

Democrat Sherrod Brown called that ungrounded.

Statium Park

The Canton Park Commission is expected to decide soon on whether some of the city’s Stadium Park will be converted into parking for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  

Hall of Fame Village developers presented their parking-lot plan to the Canton Park Commission last week. The Hall will pay for the work to be done, but the city will retain ownership of the property. The Commissioners requested a draft contract for review. 

photo of rides closed sign

Gov. John Kasich calls it the worst tragedy in the history of the Ohio State Fair. One person was killed and seven were injured, three of them critically, in a catastrophic ride malfunction.

All rides were shut down shortly after 7:20 p.m., after a malfunction on the Fireball, which spins and swings riders 40 feet into the air. A Columbus fire battalion chief said a row of seats snapped off.  

The ride had been inspected by the four-person inspection team, led by Michael Vartorella.

DEVO Obsesso
Michael Pilmer / DEVO Obsesso

You can expect to see red dome hats and yellow jumpsuits in Northeast Ohio this weekend. Fans of the iconic Akron new wave band DEVO have their annual convention at Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom.

For this week’s Shuffle, DEVO superfan Michael Pilmer talks about the 'DEVOtional' fan convention that he co-founded 17 years ago.  

photo of Mary Taylor

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor of Green says she’s still in the race for governor next year, though over the weekend she missed the largest statewide party event before the May primary.

All four Republican candidates for governor were on the program to speak at the GOP state dinner, but as Mary Taylor was to take the stage, it was announced that she couldn’t be there. Taylor says she was traveling with her son.

Like the rest of Congress, neither of Ohio’s senators is quite sure how the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act is going to take shape. As M.L. Schultze reports, they clearly have differing perspectives on what the final shape should be.

Adding it up
Portman has put his name to an amendment that would provide $100 billion dollars to transition people from Medicaid to private insurance. He also backs more money for opioid treatment, and lengthening the time to end Medicaid expansion from three years to six.


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President Trump is now faced with a decision on whether to sign into law new sanctions meant to punish Russia for interfering in last year's presidential election, after the Senate overwhelmingly approved the measure Thursday.

The bill, the first major foreign policy legislation to emerge from Congress since the president took office, also includes sanctions on North Korea and Iran. It easily passed the Senate in a 76-1 vote after sailing through the House by a similarly veto-proof 419-3 margin.

For an entire generation of writers, Michiko Kakutani acted at times as intrepid champion, hated villain or helping hand. But from her perch as chief book critic at The New York Times, the Pulizer Prize winner rarely left one thing in doubt: her vast influence over the literary world she assessed.

On Thursday, after 38 years, Kakutani announced she is stepping down.

Updated at 8:15 p.m. ET

The Republican's seven year quest to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act descended into chaos Thursday night as the Senate prepared for an unwieldy, all-night session.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, speaking on Fox & Friends Thursday, said the Trump administration's hiring efforts are being hindered by the "hoops you have to jump through" to comply with Office of Government Ethics rules.

"There are so many qualified men and women who wanted to serve this administration and their country who have been completely demoralized and completely disinclined to do so based on the paperwork we have to put forward, divesting assets," Conway said.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos became an even richer man on Thursday morning, when a sudden surge in Amazon stock made him $1.5 billion overnight. His fortune grew to over $90 billion.

For several hours, Bezos was the richest person on earth — surpassing Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The top billionaire title has previously been claimed by Mexican telecom titan Carlos Slim, Spanish fast-fashion giant Amancio Ortega and investor Warren Buffett — though most of the time, it's firmly in Gates' possession.

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