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Two American Muslim Sisters Must Decide if Wearing a Hijab Risks Too Much in Donald Trump's America

The sharp spike in hate-crimes against America's Muslims has led some women to abandon a spiritual and cultural symbol -- the hijab . WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke about that with two sisters who have chosen different paths, not with their faith, but with their scarves. As Hanadeh Darayyad and Amal Abulatifa arrange the fat, chocolate-covered strawberries in Valentine’s boxes, it’s clear they’re sisters. It’s not the looks. It’s the way they finish each other’s sentences – like when they talk...

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The Salvation Army in Summit County is expanding the Community Tables program for areas geographically isolated from fresh food.

Most recently, the Salvation Army partnered with the City of Akron in January to bring hot meals to the Summit Lake Community Center.   

The director of the Salvation Army, Marian Calvin, says the program looks for areas identified as food deserts, which lack grocery stores within a 4-mile radius.

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Two Cleveland groups are creating a program to encourage immigrants to launch startup businesses in Northeast Ohio.

The partnership between Flashstarts and Global Cleveland is planning to work with local universities to obtain visas for immigrant entrepreneurs.


The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority is hoping the  Federal Transit Administration will provide more time to find a solution to the Cleveland Public Square bus issue.

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With increasing temperatures in Northeast Ohio this week, doctors are saying that allergy patients should start taking their medication earlier.

Temperatures are expected to reach into the 50’s and 60’s this weekend.

Dr. Grace Ryu is an allergist working at Midwest Allergy. She says her two biggest concerns with the warmer temperatures are mold caused by biological decay and tree pollen.

Refugee resettlement agencies around the nation are scrambling for money in the wake of President Trump's executive order halting all refugee resettlement for four months. The order is affecting resettlement in Cleveland. 

Two workers have been laid off from the local office of Catholic Charities, as the agency shifts to manage cuts to its government funding.

John Kasich in New Hampshire

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget includes a change in the way a portion of the state’s local government fund is distributed to communities. But leaders of some of Ohio’s biggest cities and a group that represents communities across the state are fuming over that formula. 

Click here to connect to cleveland.com's calculator to show what would happen in your communty.

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Teachers unions are raising questions about a controversial proposal in Gov. John Kasich’s budget that would require educators to shadow workers at local businesses in order to renew their license. 

The idea is to give teachers an inside look at how companies operate and what students would need to know as future employees.

Melissa Cropper is president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers, one of the state’s two teachers’ unions. She says she’s absolutely against requiring this in order for teachers to renew their licenses, but might be interested if it’s an option.

Michael Byun

The head of Akron’s Asia Services in Action is among the 10 members of a presidential advisory committee who abruptly quit this week to protest President Trump’s immigration and other executive orders. 

The mass resignations left only four members on the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders – a commission that’s existed since 1999.

Michael Byun says he signed the letter of protest and resignation because he and the others see an atmosphere of exclusion and division in the Trump Administration.

photo of campaign button opposing Senate Bill 5

In each of the last two legislative sessions, at least one Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill that would change the rules for union dues and membership for public employees. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports on the latest so-called “right to work” effort, and on its chances of passing this time.


SPLC chart

The sharp spike in hate-crimes against America's Muslims has led some women to abandon a spiritual and cultural symbol -- the


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If you are a fan of sketch comedy, then you'd probably know the name Jordan Peele. He, along with Keegan Michael Key wrote and performed in the acclaimed Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele. The show, which ran for five seasons, earned a Peabody Award and two Primetime Emmys for its hilarious and deeply pointed take on race and culture.

A popular feature among the sketches on Key & Peele was the way it sometimes mixed humor and horror, for example, the zombies who refused to eat black people.

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