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Northeast Ohio Vinyl -- And Cassette -- Lovers Have Plenty To Look Forward to On Record Store Day

Record stores around the country will be participating in the 11 th annual Record Store Day today. A boxed set of a 1969 Grateful Dead concert is expected to be one of the most sought-after releases for Record Store Day. The list of more than 400 new or limited edition titles includes everything from a 1956 performance by Ella Fitzgerald to the soundtrack for the “Spongebob Squarepants” musical. David Wolfe owns The Vinyl Groove in Bedford and says he serves vinyl fans ranging from teens to...

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A photo montage by Akron photographer Shane Wynn caputures 24 years of photography in the city.
Mark Arehart / WKSU

The City of Akron has two dozen neighborhoods. Each is captured in a new photography exhibit called "24."

On this week’s State of the Arts, we talk with the people behind the camera about what it means to see Akron through a lens.

Photo of the committee hearing room

A bill to crack down on payday lending passed an Ohio House committee without any changes – a week after the House speaker resigned and a vote on it was halted. 

Lakewood High School

More than half of high school students across the country say they’re concerned a mass shooting will happen at their school, which is why one Lakewood High School student says she’s taking a stand. 

A survey from the national Pew Research Center found 57 percent of high school students are either worried or very worried there will be a mass shooting at their school.

The logo of The Ohio Council Of Behavioral Health and Family Services Providers.
The Ohio Council Of Behavioral Health and Family Services Providers.

The state is moving mental health and addiction services for low-income Ohioans into Medicaid-managed care by July 1. It’s the biggest and most complicated change the behavioral health system in Ohio has ever seen.

A survey of more than a hundred of those providers shows the redesign is straining their finances and could shut them down. 

A photo of the petition with an X over it.

A petition submitted by backers of a ballot issue to legalize marijuana in Ohio has been rejected. 

A photo of the Senate chamber on the first day of session, January 2017.

The Republican leader of Ohio’s Senate says the short-term goals of his caucus have been accomplished. But some lawmakers disagree.

Senate President Larry Obhof says senators have passed the items that are important to them and are ready to go on break for the summer.

“On the priorities that we set out, we’ve tried as much as possible that we could get those done.”

A New National Report Ranks Ohio's Pre-K System Low

Apr 19, 2018
Picture of elementary school classroom

A national report says Ohio’s pre-K system is lagging, which a researcher largely blames on a lack of resources for the system. 

The National Institute for Early Education Research has been ranking pre-K systems in its annual State of Pre-K report since 2002.

This year, Ohio ranked 32nd out of 43 states when it comes to access to quality pre-K for 4-year-olds, and 36th for spending. Those rankings largely remained unchanged from the previous year.

A photo of Republican Senate President Larry Obhof.

Republican senators want to crack down on what they consider overly burdensome regulation coming from state agencies. They’re introducing a new bill after a study from George Mason University said Ohio has nearly 250,000 regulatory restrictions in its code. 

photo of Chippewa Rail Trail

Ohio has a legislative caucus working to raise awareness of the state’s trails. 

The caucus, formed last year, is the only one in the U.S. dedicated to trails.  The group of lawmakers has been working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to create a website with an interactive guide to the thousands of miles of state trails.

Ohio Students Prepare For More Walkouts Friday

Apr 19, 2018
Photo of students walking out after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida
Nick Evans / WOSU NEWS

Ohio students are once again preparing to walk out of their classrooms in support of stricter gun laws.

The Friday walkouts, protests and marches will mark the 19th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting, where 13 people were killed.


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Meeting your college roommate used to be one of the anxieties of the first week of school. But these days, many freshmen meet in advance online, and arrange to room together.

Now, some schools have decided to bring back largely random pairings in the interest of broadening their students' horizons. Duke University announced their change earlier this year.

Emily Nakano began doing lockdown drills when she was in second grade.

"An alarm plays over the PA system, and we lock the door, turn off the lights and hide in a corner away from the window," she explained.

The high school senior from Illinois said she's grown up with a fear of school shootings in the back of her mind, even though she's not scared of guns. In fact, she's been around guns her entire life.

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