photo of Kenmore, Ohio mural submission

State of the Arts: Akron's Kenmore Neighborhood Reimagined

A new coloring book features public spaces in one Akron neighborhood. It’s a mural project called the Kenmore Imagineer and residents hope it will add a splash of color to Kenmore Boulevard.

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A photo of (clockwise, starting bottom left) Doug Cole, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor and Marion Little.

Attorneys for the now-closed Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and the Ohio Department of Education traded jabs before the Ohio Supreme Court over how the state should fund schools and if that funding should be tied to just enrollment or student participation. 

Police academy training for combative situations
Tim Rudell / WKSU

As veteran officers retire from Ohio police departments millennials, who now comprise the largest living generation, are increasingly being looked to in order to fill their jobs. The question is, are they really interested in that type of work? 

photo of David James
M.L. SCHUTLZE / WKSU public radio

Akron Superintendent David James took the question of student discipline head-on during his state of the schools address today . As WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports  James says allegations of students assaulting teachers are far more complex and far fewer in number than grievances filed by the teachers’ union might indicate.


The often buttoned-down superintendent of Akron City Schools let loose when he contrasted the financial and academic standards applied to traditional public schools and charter schools. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more from today’s State of the Schools address.


A Cleveland researcher has received $11 million to test a promising technique to rid the body of the virus that causes AIDS. The therapy offers hope for the 1.1 million people in the U.S. living with HIV, especially the roughly 10 percent of patients who don’t respond to antiretroviral drugs.

A photo of Lisa Hamler Fugitt, Ohio Association of Foodbanks

Under President Trump’s newly proposed budget, about 80 percent of SNAP recipients could lose about half of the credit that is currently put on their EBT cards. Instead, they'd get a box of processed food from the government.

The director of the organization that represents the state’s food banks says the change would destroy the safety net for low-income Ohioans and punish them instead.

M.L. SCHULTZE / WKSU public radio

Akron Public Schools Superintendent David James is a finalist to take over the largest public school district in the state.

At his annual state of the schools address today, he told his Akron audience he is intrigued by the professional challenge that would come with taking over Columbus City Schools. After the address, he said he thinks Akron has already tackled some of the tough issues Columbus will face, including right-sizing the district and turning adult education over to other institutions so the district can focus resources on pre-kindergarten to 12th grades.

Main entract Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Congressman Ryan came to Camp Ravenna today to see infrastructure improvements and a new high-tech firing range. But he also wanted to talk about trying to get the joint military training center at the heart of his district picked for the proposed East Coast Missile Defense site.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program

Ohio’s auditor has found a big problem with the process for scoring applications from those interested in growing medical marijuana for the state’s new program. 

Auditor Dave Yost has sent a letter to the head of the Ohio Department of Commerce saying he’s concerned that employees could have changed scores for those who applied for large growers’ licenses because of the access given to two employees who created and managed passwords for the application reviewers.

Trump's 2019 Budget Would Slash Great Lakes Funding

Feb 13, 2018
photo of Lake Erie

President Trump’s 2019 budget outline proposes drastic cuts to Great Lakes funding again. But the region's political forces are vowing to fight back.

The Trump budget would cut Great Lakes funding by 90 percent -- to just $30 million.  The money is used for projects like cleaning up pollution, protecting wildlife and rebuilding wetlands.


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Her murder triggered rioting in Pakistan and rippled the world-over, and on Saturday the man convicted in 7-year-old Zainab Ansari's death was sentenced to die four times over.

Mohammad Imran, a local man who knew Zainab's family, pleaded guilty to raping and killing the little girl, reports The Associated Press.

Her body was found on a trash heap on Jan. 9 in the city of Kasur near Lahore, four days after she was reported missing.

Prosecutors say Imran, 24, is a serial killer who has also admitted to killing several other children.

In the brave new world of synthetic biology, scientists can now brew up viruses from scratch using the tools of DNA technology.

The latest such feat, published last month, involves horsepox, a cousin of the feared virus that causes smallpox in people. Critics charge that making horsepox in the lab has endangered the public by basically revealing the recipe for how any lab could manufacture smallpox to use as a bioweapon.

Mitt Romney Announces Candidacy For Senate

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