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Shuffle: A DIY Venue in Akron Brings Musicians And The Homeless 'Out of the Shadows'

A group of DIY musicians is coming together to help Akron’s homeless tent community. In this week’s Shuffle, WKSU's Amanda Rabinowitz talked to organizers of the Out of the Shadows concert series.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Karen Kasler / Statehouse News Bureau

The annual statewide Martin Luther King Jr. oratory contest brought out some strong words from its student winners. Three of the four winners delivered their winning speeches at a downtown Columbus church in the state’s annual MLK Day ceremony.

Here are excerpts from the addresses of 8-year-old Addison Captain of Bedford, 9-year-old Elena Earley of Columbus and 15-year-old Nana Eshun of Canal Winchester:

8th St. entrance, Affinity Medical Center
Affinity Medical Center website

Two northeast Ohio representatives who introduced a bill to slow the  closing of Massillon's only hospital are pushing for action on the  measure this week.

Affinity Medical Center owner  Quorum Health Corporation said on Jan. 5th it will close the hospital March 6th.  All clinical operations are to end a month sooner, on Feb. 4.

Image of CHIP

A program that helps working families in Ohio afford health care for their children with serious medical conditions is in limbo. 

Office of Health Transformation Director Greg Moody says Congress has not re-authorized money for CHIP, the Children's Health Insurance Program that provides health care for 220,000 Ohio kids. He says without that federal money, the program would strain the state’s budget.

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Here are your morning headlines for Monday, Jan. 15:

photo of Dave Lucas

How does someone become Ohio’s poet laureate?

“One is anointed by the gods,” quips Ohio’s newest poet laureate, Dave Lucas.

At the beginning of the year, Lucas succeeded fellow Clevelander Amit Majmudar to become the state’s second-ever poet laureate. Gov. John Kasich, who created the position in 2014, chose Lucas from three finalists culled by the Ohio Arts Council.

Central fire station, Massillon, OH
City of Massillon website

As hospitals in Northeast Ohio and across the country continue monitoring problems in the supply chain of I-V needles, bags and pre-packaged fluids, EMS operators are growing concerned, too. 

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it hit three manufacturing plants of the world’s biggest IV equipment provider.  Those are back on line but supply levels won’t likely recover until Spring.

In Massillon, the fire department EMS has a three-month IV reserve. Chief Tom Burgasser says they have backup plans, too.


The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has named an acting CEO after the abrupt resignation last month of former Director Evalyn Gates

Chief Development Officer Sonia Winner will now lead the museum through a crucial phase of its $150 million centennial expansion.

Pipeline sections

The $4.2 billion Rover pipeline cutting diagonally across Ohio is drawing more concern from state regulators. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more on a letter the state wrote last week about a new spill.

The Ohio EPA has told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that it is “deeply concerned” about nearly 150,000 gallons of drilling fluid that was “lost down a hole” beneath the Tuscarawas River in southwestern Stark County. That’s the same site where more than 2 million gallons of the fluid – mixed with diesel – leaked last April and turned up in a wetland.

photo of dog

A new report finds the veterinary industry directly contributes $2.4 billion to Ohio’s economy and contributes as much as $13 billion when indirect costs are added.

The findings by the Ohio Veterinary Medicine Association also show vet service jobs increased 15.5 percent from 2007-2015. The association’s executive director, Jack Advent, says the numbers prove that vets help more than cats and dogs in the state.


A state lawmaker is introducing a bill that would require drug companies to slash their prices. The legislation is similar to the measure voters overwhelmingly voted down on last year’s ballot.

The Democratic senator says there are some key differences that might help its chances, though her party remains a small minority in Columbus.


From NPR

Editor's note: This report includes disturbing descriptions of child abuse.

Just days after Louise and David Turpin's 13 children were discovered deeply malnourished and — in some cases — shackled to furniture in their home, the Southern California couple have been charged with torture, child abuse and false imprisonment. The two parents now face the possibility of life in prison.

Attention Drivers: Many of those those freeways you're using may not be free for long. Several states are opening new toll roads this year and rates on many existing turnpikes and tollways are going up.

And the number of toll roads is likely to increase, as the Trump administration's infrastructure plan may force many more states to use them to fund long-standing transportation needs

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