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Shuffle: Teen Band 'Montage' Is Having A Break Out Summer

One of the local bands playing at this weekend’s Tri-C Jazz Fest is having a big year -- all while finishing their sophomore year of high school. For this week’s Shuffle, we meet Cleveland School of The Arts students Alana Amore, Jasmine Sims and Kevin Pace of the band Montage . Bass player Jasmine Sims' family dining room in East Cleveland has been transformed into a practice space. There's a drum set, amps and a microphone facing the living room for a small audience. These 16-year-olds who...

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The Cleveland Clinic is leading a national effort to develop new ways to diagnose and treat a poorly known disease that affects around 1.4 million Americans.

Lewy Body Dementia is related to Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s but has its own set of symptoms and disease progression.

photo of heroin and syringe

Canton is holding its first needle exchange later this month. WKSU’s Phil de Oliveira reports the program lets people who use injected drugs swap their used needles for clean ones.

Project SWAP (Stark-Wide Approach to Prevention) was created in response to a rise in hepatitis C cases in the area, and a HIV outbreak two years ago among drug users in neighboring Indiana.

The primary goal of the program is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by getting contaminated needles off the streets. It also gives referrals to treatment and counseling services.

photo of John Kasich 2013 budget signing

As the state’s budget shortfall approaches a billion dollars, a tax cut adopted four years ago is getting attention. The small business tax cut promoted by Republican leaders has saved business owners money – but has gained a lot of criticism in the process.

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear a new round of arguments Tuesday in a Northeast Ohio death-penalty case that has stretched on for more than a quarter century. 

Tyrone Noling has always maintained he didn’t kill an elderly Portage County couple in 1990. No fingerprints or physical evidence links him to the crime, and his co-defendants in separate robbery cases long-ago recanted, saying police coerced them into implicating Noling.

Dan Konik

The Senate is planning to vote on its version of the budget in the next week, and the possibility of last minute changes means there are a lot of moving parts where no provision is safe. The top Senate leader has at least one measure he knows he wants to pass one way or another.

Farmers have seen the taxes on their land go up as much as 300 percent. That’s because of a variable in the Current Ag Use Valuation, or CAUV, formula.

Rob Portman

Senator Rob Portman says he supports a reduction over time in federal funds for Medicaid expansion. The Cincinnati-area Republican is taking part in GOP negotiations over an Affordable Care Act replacement. 

Portman says the expansion of Medicaid eligibility under the ACA has helped fund treatment for opioid addiction.

“So it’s a really important part of how you reform the healthcare system, is that you ensure that those people still have access to coverage,” Portman says.


The state auditor is asking auditors from his office to review how the Ohio Department of Education handles disciplinary complaints. 

Auditor Dave Yost says an internal review showed more than half of the people identified in a 2012 Columbus City Schools data scrubbing scandal have not been disciplined by the state. He says that's unacceptable, given his office gave the Ohio Department of Education agency a list of 64 people Yost says should have been disciplined in some way.

Ohio Heath Care Association and Association of Health Plans

Lawmakers and the Kasich administration have gone back and forth on a budget issue that would change the way people with long term health problems would receive medical care. That provision is still on the table as the Senate works to craft their final draft of the budget bill.

Gov. John Kasich wants Medicaid recipients with long-term health needs to receive managed care through health insurance plans.

Supporters say that would save money in the long run and provide more efficient care for patients. But the House took that provision out in place of more study.

Ray Tensing Testifies in DuBose Case

Jun 16, 2017
Cara Owsley / Pool

Ray Tensing testified in his retrial Friday. The former University of Cincinnati police officer said it was not his purpose to kill Sam DuBose but rather "to stop the threat." Tensing objected to early testimony by a video expert who disagreed with his versions of the events. 

I mean no disrespect to Mr. Fredericks, but he was not there experiencing what I was doing through.

Summit County Shelter Overrun with Animals

Jun 16, 2017
Humane Society of Summit County

The Humane Society of Summit County says it’s overrun with animals and hopes an adoption event this weekend will alleviate the burden.  

Chief operations officer Shannon Waller says the numbers are double what they were last year and it’s starting to affect the shelter’s operation.


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A Catholic bishop has instructed priests in his central Illinois diocese to deny communion, last rites and funeral rites to people in same-sex marriages – unless they repent.

In the decree he sent to priests, deacons, seminarians and staff in his Springfield diocese last week, Bishop Thomas Paprocki sets forth a set of norms on same-sex marriage and related pastoral issues that he says are the policy of the diocese.

Arkansas's pesticide regulators have stepped into the middle of an epic battle between weeds and chemicals, which has now morphed into a battle between farmers. Hundreds of farmers say their crops have been damaged by a weedkiller that was sprayed on neighboring fields. Today, the Arkansas Plant Board voted to impose an unprecedented ban on that chemical.

Venezuela's ongoing political and economic crisis has taken a toll on daily life there.

A crash in oil prices and political instability under President Nicolas Maduro have led to food shortages, and that has prompted almost daily street protests by thousands of Venezuelans.

A 35-year-old protester named Carlos tells NPR's Audie Cornish the food situation is "pretty extreme." NPR is using only his first name for his safety.

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