Facing Dramatic Losses, Summa Health Cuts Positions and Plans Consolidation

Summa Health has cut 300 positions and will eliminate or reduce some services because of a projected loss this year of more than $60 million. Some of the services that may be affected include diabetes education , a “service excellence program” and some medical surgical units. Interim president and CEO Dr. Cliff Deveny says the cuts are central to an effort to create a culture that focuses more on patients. “They shouldn’t see anything taken away; if they should see anything, they should see...

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photo of John Kasich 2013 budget signing

As the state’s budget shortfall approaches a billion dollars, a tax cut adopted four years ago is getting attention. The small business tax cut promoted by Republican leaders has saved business owners money – but has gained a lot of criticism in the process.

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear a new round of arguments Tuesday in a Northeast Ohio death-penalty case that has stretched on for more than a quarter century. 

Tyrone Noling has always maintained he didn’t kill an elderly Portage County couple in 1990. No fingerprints or physical evidence links him to the crime, and his co-defendants in separate robbery cases long-ago recanted, saying police coerced them into implicating Noling.

Dan Konik

The Senate is planning to vote on its version of the budget in the next week, and the possibility of last minute changes means there are a lot of moving parts where no provision is safe. The top Senate leader has at least one measure he knows he wants to pass one way or another.

Farmers have seen the taxes on their land go up as much as 300 percent. That’s because of a variable in the Current Ag Use Valuation, or CAUV, formula.

Rob Portman

Senator Rob Portman says he supports a reduction over time in federal funds for Medicaid expansion. The Cincinnati-area Republican is taking part in GOP negotiations over an Affordable Care Act replacement. 

Portman says the expansion of Medicaid eligibility under the ACA has helped fund treatment for opioid addiction.

“So it’s a really important part of how you reform the healthcare system, is that you ensure that those people still have access to coverage,” Portman says.


The state auditor is asking auditors from his office to review how the Ohio Department of Education handles disciplinary complaints. 

Auditor Dave Yost says an internal review showed more than half of the people identified in a 2012 Columbus City Schools data scrubbing scandal have not been disciplined by the state. He says that's unacceptable, given his office gave the Ohio Department of Education agency a list of 64 people Yost says should have been disciplined in some way.

Ohio Heath Care Association and Association of Health Plans

Lawmakers and the Kasich administration have gone back and forth on a budget issue that would change the way people with long term health problems would receive medical care. That provision is still on the table as the Senate works to craft their final draft of the budget bill.

Gov. John Kasich wants Medicaid recipients with long-term health needs to receive managed care through health insurance plans.

Supporters say that would save money in the long run and provide more efficient care for patients. But the House took that provision out in place of more study.

Ray Tensing Testifies in DuBose Case

Jun 16, 2017
Cara Owsley / Pool

Ray Tensing testified in his retrial Friday. The former University of Cincinnati police officer said it was not his purpose to kill Sam DuBose but rather "to stop the threat." Tensing objected to early testimony by a video expert who disagreed with his versions of the events. 

I mean no disrespect to Mr. Fredericks, but he was not there experiencing what I was doing through.

Summit County Shelter Overrun with Animals

Jun 16, 2017
Humane Society of Summit County

The Humane Society of Summit County says it’s overrun with animals and hopes an adoption event this weekend will alleviate the burden.  

Chief operations officer Shannon Waller says the numbers are double what they were last year and it’s starting to affect the shelter’s operation.

Medical marijuana study

Ohio hits one of its first deadlines tomorrow in the process of legalizing medical marijuana. But it comes at the same time U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants permission to spend federal money to prosecute medical marijuana providers. 

photo of Hattie Larlham League

A local non-profit that helps care for about 18-hundred people in Ohio with developmental disabilities says it can no longer operate on its own.

Twinsburg-based Hattie Larlham Foundation plans to look for a partner with which to merge.

As part of a cost-cutting campaign, the foundation is closing its farm-to-table work program -- as well as Hattie’s Café -- in Akron, which Chief Development Officer Catherine Schwartz says will affect about two percent of the people in their program.


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The European Commission has fined Google 2.42 billion euros ($2.72 billion) after finding that the company used its dominant search engine to drive people toward another Google product, its shopping service.

"What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules," said European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager. "It denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate. And most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of innovation."

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