A new bill in the Ohio Senate would put limits on when motorists can run a red light -- meaning it would no longer apply to mosts motorists at all. 

H.B. 9 is a response to a law passed late last year, which would allow anyone to treat a red light like a stop sign if it appears to be malfunctioning, or doesn’t seem to be sensing the presence of a vehicle.

photo of National Inventors Hall of Fame School

Goodyear is providing expertise and assistance to Akron STEM schools through a $50,000 grant.

The grants will help the National Inventors Hall of Fame school develop Advanced Placement courses, an afterschool coding club, and a special project involving Lego building.

Goodyear’s community engagement director, Alison White, says the company is also providing volunteers, and it’s completely up to the schools how to use them.


Today’s entrepreneurs are developing new models for launching a business. There’s more emphasis on collaboration than ever before.  And a new group in Akron is working to bring together the elements entrepreneurs need to succeed.

In this week’s Exploradio, WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair looks at how Launch League is feeding Akron’s start-up ecosystem.

photo of Belle Everett, Drew Silverthorn

The past weekend saw several protests over the lack of town halls by Northeast Ohio Congressmen, including one in Canton at the office of Bob Gibbs.

About three-dozen people gathered Saturday in downtown Canton outside of Gibbs’ office, calling for him to meet with constituents in a public town hall. Karen Izzy Gallagher helped organize the rally, and says Gibbs’ request to meet with people in small groups in his office is not good enough.

Zoar baking

Zoar village is celebrating its 200th year anniversary this year.

The historic village southeast of Canton was founded in 1817 by German Separatists fleeing from religious persecution. Site director Tammi Shrum says it’s almost as if nothing has changed since then.