The Columbus chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations announced two lawsuits it filed against U.S. consulates abroad have been resolved. This means after years of waiting, a Syrian man and a Palestinian man are allowed to travel to Ohio from the Middle East.

Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, November 22nd:

Ashland University football
Ashland University

There are three Northeast Ohio college football teams competing for national titles.

Ashland University is in the Division II Sweet Sixteen, while in Division III, powerhouse Mount Union hosts Case Western Reserve University this weekend.

Howard Basin
M.L. SCHUTLZE / WKSU public radio

Akron’s effort to reduce the flow of sewage into streams and rivers has won state and national notice, not only for the way it’s being built but for how it’s being financed. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze took a closer look at a massive concrete bin known as the Howard Storage Basin that the city was showing off today.


More information, including allegations of harassment, is coming out against the now former Ohio Rep. Wes Goodman. The top staff leader for House Republicans says they’ve been fielding rumors about Goodman for more than a year but, until this month, there was nothing to act on.