David Pepper

Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine will head out of Philadelphia today And toward the key swing-state of Ohio. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports on the official beginning of the general election campaign.

After a rally in Philadelphia, Clinton is heading to Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and then onto Youngstown and Columbus over the weekend.

As the DNC was wrapping up, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper said that the stop in Youngstown is key.


There still may be questions of party unity for the Democrats coming out of their national convention, but on one issue, the party seems to be very united – LGBTQ rights. 

Jim Obergefell of Cincinnati announced the votes for Hillary Clinton during the roll call of states at the convention this week.

The man who was the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit that brought marriage equality to the nation says there’s no question the Democratic Party is unified on this issue.

Ted Strickland

At the Ohio delegation breakfast at the DNC this morning, former Gov. Ted Strickland was in the unusual position of praising the man who defeated him six years ago. As WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports, it was part of his criticism of the man he’s trying to defeat this fall.

Akron's Main Street
Kevin T. Quinn / The Knight Foundation

The federal transportation department has awarded the city of Akron $5 million to help transform Main Street into more than just a thoroughfare. 

Akron Chief of Staff James Hardy says the federal grant will pay for phase one of the transformation project scheduled to start in the fall of next year.

That will include making the street more walkable and bikeable, creating more green-space, and making it more attractive to people who might consider living downtown.


Some backers of Bernie Sanders say they’re disappointed that he’s not on the Democratic Party ticket.

But some are finding another potential candidate in a former Ohio state senator – Nina Turner

Martha Cool is from Oakland, California, and is with National Nurses United. She wears a sticker that reads “I’m With Nina”.

She first heard Turner speak as a surrogate for Sanders, and says she’s upset with reports that Turner was dropped from speaking to the Democratic National Convention this week.