Photo of Sen. Rob Portman

Two cable companies are consistently over-charging customers without providing a refund, according to an investigative report released by U.S. Senator Rob Portman Thursday.

The report was conducted by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations which he chairs.

Earlier this week, Portman said that American households are losing confidence in Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications.


  A group of state lawmakers are backing a national campaign to bring back something they believe is lacking in politics: civility. 

The bipartisan group supporting the Revive Civility Campaign is calling on politicians to raise the standard of civil discourse. Republican Senator Frank LaRose of the Akron area says for too long, governing has had an “us versus them” mentality.

“This kind of tribal attitude that people take, ‘well I’m a member of the Elephant Tribe so I must go to war with the Donkey Tribe,’” LaRose said.

U.S. Supreme Court

  The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the University of Texas’ affirmative action program Thursday.   Universities in Ohio are considering how the decision could affect their admissions policy.

Both  Ohio State and Miami University believe the high court’s 4 to 3 decision backs up the policies they have in place.

Sharon Davies is OSU’s Vice Provost for Diversity.

“It is heartening that the court reaffirms the value that we derive from a diverse university community,” she said.

photo of Alicia Reece

Both major parties are working on the platforms that will be decided at their conventions next month. And the 15 member committee working to create the Democratic Party's platform meets in St. Louis this weekend.  It includes four members of Congress, several activists, and a state representative from Cincinnati.

The platform is expected to include Israel, trade, Wall Street, super delegates, fracking, Black Lives Matter and health care – but Rep. Alicia Reece wants to add in criminal justice reform and voting rights changes too.

Steve Love and Don Plusquellic at book signing
Tim Rudell / WKSU

  For the first time since leaving office 13-months ago, Akron’s longest serving Mayor was talking with the public and reporters again.