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Vital Signs: Diagnosing Health Care in Northeast Ohio

In this seven-part series, "Vital Signs: Diagnosing Health Care in Northeast Ohio," WKSU looks at change that will not wait -- nor be dependent upon -- a national solution. Topics include how small businesses are coping with skyrocketing costs, the effort to boost the number and prestige of primary care doctors, the Cleveland Clinic's standard salary approach to paying staff physicians, health-care alternatives for those who have lost jobs, high-tech investments in electronic recordkeeping, rural health-care and a move away from duplicative services at near-by facilities.

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Good Jobs In Bad Times

The WKSU newsroom dove into the murky waters of the current employment situation in Northeast Ohio with the 8-part series Good Jobs in Bad Times. With their reports, the award-winning news staff covered topics that include high-paying tech jobs, careers that don't need a 4-year degree, the re-growth of agriculture as industry, working part-time full-time, drastically changing career paths, the truth about healthcare, bridge jobs after graduation and the future of the NE Ohio employment outlook.

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NEO Development: Rebuilding Northeast Ohio

Revisit the future of development in the region with the six-part series NEO Development: Rebuilding Northeast Ohio. Reports focus on attempts by developers to launch new projects while capitalizing on the traditional strengths of NE Ohio, such as water and natural resources, its role in American industry and innovation, and a respect for the history of cities like Cleveland, Akron and Canton.

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Here Goes the Neighborhood Looks at NE Ohio Communities

The WKSU newsroom presents "Here Goes the Neighborhood," a six-part series on the diverse nature of communities, from cities to farms, throughout the region.

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WKSU Presents What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

The WKSU Newsroom examines topics relating to medicine and health care in What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

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Beyond the Limits: The Regional View

For years, business and community leaders have discussed issues of regionalism - the many ways that cities and towns throughout Northeast Ohio are bound by economic, ecological and societal issues. But what does the term "regionalism" really mean and how does it affect citizens living in areas as varied as Cleveland and Norwalk? What ties bind Akron and suburbs stretching along the I-77 commuting corridor? WKSU's 8-part news series, "Beyond the Limits: The Regional View" examines the factors and forces that make area residents part of a unique shared cultural environment.

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The Aging Boom: Stories on Aging in America

As life expectancy is extended and the first baby boomers turn 60 in 2006, the growing senior citizen class is poised to become even larger. Beginning on Dec. 5, Mark Urycki and Vivian Goodman offer a 10-part look at "The Aging Boom." Stories will cover a wide range of topics and include reports from the 2005 White House Conference on Aging in Washington, DC.

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Teenagers: The Millennial Generation

The world is a different place for the first generation to come of age in the 21st century. From text messaging and the Internet to prescription drugs and afterschool jobs, today's teens have access to more resources and face new challenges that separate their lives from those of their parents. The WKSU newsroom presents Teenagers: The Millennial Generation, a 10-part documentary series on life as an adolescent and what sets these young people apart.

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Class In America: The Unspoken Divide

As a growing chasm between rich and poor conflicts with a shared desire to be “middle class,” WKSU looks honestly at class issues that face NE Ohio in this 12-part series.

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A Place For Me? Adoption and Foster Care in Ohio

This 10-part series focuses on the many facets of adoption and foster care today in the state of Ohio. Subjects as varied as adopting foreign orphans, non-traditional family structures, post-adoption services, and group residences will present a fuller picture of the overwhelming challenges and rewards involved in bringing children into a home to create families.

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Religion and the Public Schools

Education reporter Julie Grant explores issues and programs locally and around the state. This 5-part series looks at how religion is addressed in social studies classrooms, the debate between evolution and design theorists over state science standards, and the progress of character education programs.

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Poverty: Causes and Solutions

With crushing debt engulfing the nation and lay-offs and bankruptcies on the rise, the WKSU News team examines the wide-reaching ramifications of poverty, on individuals, communities and the nation.

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New Work, New Families: America’s Juggling Act

Learn about changes taking place in today’s workplace and economy in this 16-part series explored by the WKSU News team.

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Remembering Kent State, 1970

This award-winning hour-long documentary by Reporter/Producer Mark Urycki, is a landmark moment in American social history.

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