The Ohio Department of Education is working to keep a $71 million federal grant for charter schools. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports says the agency is saying Ohio has a lot more failing charter schools than it initially claimed. 

Federal indictments were unsealed today against the former president of Jimmy Haslam’s trucking company and seven other former executives and managers of Pilot Flying J.

But no where does the indictment list the Browns owner himself -- not even in a section on unindicted coconspirators.

The indictments say ex-President Mark Hazelwood and the others OK’d an expanded program to defraud small trucking companies who had been promised rebates as part of their fuel contracts. It says the fraud continued for five years.

Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner

  A lot of Ohio Republicans have been in New Hampshire this week to campaign for Gov. John Kasich. But Ohio Democrats are also speaking out for their candidates.

Former State Sen. Nina Turner of Cleveland is among them. On CNN, she spoke about shifting her support from Hillary Clinton to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

New Hampshire Public Radio

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has “notched” his first win of his presidential run.

He and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the first tallied votes in the first-in-the-nation primary, those coming in from the nine voters in Dixville Notch.

Kasich, who has staked his hopes of being the GOP presidential nominee on New Hampshire beat Donald Trump 3-2. Sanders shut out Hillary Clinton, 4-0.

Meanwhile, Ohio voters are expressing some mixed feelings on Kasich’s run, including those who support him.

Photo of the seal of Cleveland City Council
The City of Cleveland

Top headlines: Man sentenced in the kidnapping and slaying of an elderly northeast Ohio couple; Number of prescriptions for painkillers continues to decline in Ohio; Security for Gov. John Kasich increases to more than $350,000 during presidential race


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