photo of Cindy Novak

Donald Trump’s supporters in Ohio are being forced to take sides after the presidential nominee cut ties with the chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. This fracture could have lasting impact after the votes are counted.

The first major Trump campaign event in Ohio following the split with the Ohio GOP came with a sense of awkwardness. As supporters filed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center to see Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, they admitted that they’re disappointed with state party leaders.

That includes Cindy Novak of Thornville.

photo of Jeanne Mercer

The presidential race in Ohio remains a volatile contest that could break either way depending on how undecided voters and those supporting third-party candidates make their final decisions, a new survey shows.  

Democrat Hillary Clinton leads by 3 percentage points over Republican Donald Trump in the poll, which the University of Akron conducted for the Ohio Media Project.

Robert Sumwalt

After a nearly year-long investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued its “probable cause” findings for the crash of a chartered jet in Akron last fall. It says pilot error and a corporate culture caused the crash that killed nine people.

Pilot error, including coming in too low and slow on approach to Akron Fulton International Airport were the immeidate causes of the accident according to the NTSB. 

Issue 32

Next month, Cleveland voters will decide on the city’s first income tax hike in 35 years. Issue 32 would increase the tax to 2.5 percent.

Open feuding broke out this weekend between the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and Ohio’s Republican Party chairman – the most extraordinary inside-politics development in an extraordinary year. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze talked to a long-time political consultant about other ways the presidential race has defied expectations: