Akron's St. Thomas Hospital was the first in the world to admit alcoholics for treatment. That was in the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A doctor carrying on that tradition at that hospital today has an inside understanding of what it takes to get sober. On this Week’s Exploradio, Dr. Nicole Labor shares her insights on treating addiction .

photo of McKinley memorial

Lawmakers have a busy week ahead of them as they work on the general and transportation budget ahead of Gov. John Kasich’s annual State of the State address.

The House and Senate will get together to hash out a final deal on the transportation budget. Lawmakers have gone back and forth on proposals to increase the car-registration fee.

Photo of Randi Clites

Parents of children with serious medical conditions are pleading with state leaders to keep funding intact for a program that helps pay for treatment. 

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget calls for changes to the Children with Medical Handicaps, the agency that provides funding for children with serious illnesses. Randi Clites of Ravenna has a son who suffers from hemophilia, cancer and bleeding of the brain. She worries about the proposal to move the program from the Health to the Medicaid department.

A three-day conference on hunger wrapped up today (Saturday) at Walsh University in North Canton.

Two groups, the Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit and the Food Waste and Hunger Summit, are combining efforts in the event called “Summit Squared: One Movement. Exponential Impact.”

Assistant Dean Rachel Hosler says the conference is a way to keep students and community members informed on ways to end hunger and food waste so close to home. 

Keystone pipeline

President Donald Trump’s go-ahead for the Keystone pipeline that will run from Canada to the Gulf shore is triggering concerns from Ohio environmental groups. 

While the Keystone pipeline never gets close to Ohio, environmental groups believe President Donald Trump's giving it the go-ahead creates a bad precedent.

Ohio Environmental Council’s Melanie Houston says the Keystone project doesn’t go far enough to protect land and water.