photo of Rep. David LeLand

Democrats in the state Legislature are supporting a new bill that would officially denounce white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

Democratic Rep. David Leland’s bill would recognize white nationalists, neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups as terrorist organizations. And it would direct police to track those groups, as they do other similar ones.

“These people are terrorists, and we need to treat them as such and we need to call them out.”

photo of Kenny Yuko

Senators are expected to come back to the Statehouse on Tuesday to vote on at least one of the overrides that the House approved last month on 11 of Gov. John Kasich’s 47 budget vetoes. And as Republicans consider how and what they'll vote on, Senate Democrats are trying to figure out their strategy.

It’s unclear exactly which of the 11 overrides will be taken up, and it’s likely only the ones that are certain to pass will come to the floor.


On Monday, the moon will cross in front of the sun and cast a shadow across the length of the U.S., sweeping east from Oregon all the way to the Carolina coast.

A narrow band between those points will experience a total eclipse, but even Ohio will see about 80 percent of the sun covered by the moon starting around 1 p.m. on Monday.

NASA is gearing up for the big event, NASA Glenn Director Janet Kavandi joins us.

photo of Matthew Wilson, University of Akron

With a new school year about to start, the University of Akron is looking at higher freshman enrollment and a more robust financial picture compared to one year ago.

Last year, the university saw a big drop in enrollment and faced a $30 million deficit. But this year’s incoming class is projected to be bigger by about 10 percent. And President Matthew Wilson says the deficit was addressed by careful spending and hiring, and without large-scale layoffs.

Calvin Williams at the press conference announcing Steve Stephens death

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams spoke to the Akron Roundtable today about community trust, police responsibility and the status of reforms in his department.

The audience asked Williams whether Cleveland police would be prepared for an event like the violent unrest at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., last week.