photo of Dan Ramos

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued an ultimatum to so-called sanctuary cities and states, either work with the federal immigration enforcement or lose grant funding. Democrats in the Ohio House aren’t budging.

Several cities, including Columbus and Cincinati, have said they will not dedicate local law enforcement resources to carry out immigration laws for federal agencies.

Democratic Rep. Dan Ramos of Lorain, who’s working on a bill that would make that a statewide initiative, says President Donald Trump should worry about enforcing immigration laws on his end.

photo of fentanyl patches

The Senate has upped the penalties for possessing fentanyl, the deadly and powerful synthetic painkiller that’s been turning up in heroin in Ohio. Debate on what may seem like a simple way to fight the fentanyl problem got complex and heated.

Sherrod Brown file photo

More than 40 senators have signed a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to rescind his executive order promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  In exchange, the senators offer to work with the Trump administration to amend the healthcare act. Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown is among the group of senators.

City of Cleveland

President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to the U.S. EPA are raising concerns about federal help for cleaning up and reclaiming brownfields. One organization closely watching the potential loss of funding helps developers with brownfield sites in Summit County.

President Trump Proposes More Great Lakes Cuts to Restoration Initiative

8 hours ago
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Lots of people were already upset about President Trump’s plan to slash Great Lakes funding in next year’s federal budget. Now he’s recommending a $50 million cut to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative for this year.