Emergency Entrance, Akron Children's Hosptial
Akron Children's Hospital

The City of Akron is going to charge more for EMS services and hospital transportation provided by the Fire Department

City Council approved fee hikes of as much as a third for some basic services.  It is the first rate increase in five years. 

Mayor Dan Horrigan says it brings Akron up to the general levels charged elsewhere in the region. 

Closed Area Cleveland Hopikins
Kevin Niedermier / WKSU

Flying in America changed after airline deregulation in 1978.  It evolved toward dominance by big carriers along a path of consolidation and centralization of services.  Now, there are handful of national ‘hub’ airports through which most passengers are routed for cost efficiency.  And none of the major airports in our region is among them.

Part 4 of our series "Grounded," looks at where we go from here with air travel in and out of northeast Ohio.

Our big airports have been de-hubbed.

Dan Horrigan
Tim Rudell / WKSU

It’s summer-slide time in Akron.   That’s the name of a program the City of Akron and Akron’s Schools are working on together to keep kids from losing ground in reading during the summer break.  

Volunteers will be paired up with students to read with them two hours a week through the summer. The program will be offered at a half-dozen community centers around town. And, it will come with a lunch for the kids, too. 

What will it cost taxpayers?


The state auditor has conducted another surprise head count to find out if charter school attendance records matched the number of students actually sitting at their desks or computers.

Auditor Dave Yost has said he wants to keep tabs on charter schools and their reported attendance, since those schools get state funding based on the number of students they have enrolled and attending classes.

Photo of a Planned Parenthood building

A federal judge has stopped Ohio from implementing a new law that would defund Planned Parenthood.  

On the same day the new law to strip Planned Parenthood of more than a million dollars in state funding was supposed to take effect, a federal judge in Cincinnati granted the organization’s request for a temporary restraining order.