photo of Mike Gibbons

A Northeast Ohio businessman regarded as an underdog in the race for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate has made a six-figure ad buy.

In his first ad, Mike Gibbons never mentions Josh Mandel’s name.

“We sent them to Washington to repeal Obamacare and cut taxes, that’s what they promised us.”

Instead the Cleveland-area business man, who’s challenging Ohio Treasurer Mandel in May’s Republican primary, takes aim at Washington insiders.

Photo of a Zika-carrying mosquito
Centers for Disease Control

The Ohio EPA is distributing a million dollars to 35 counties to battle mosquitos and the diseases they carry. 

Ronald Phillips

After hiatus of more than three years, Ohio is set to resume executions at 10 this morning by putting Ronald Phillips of Akron to death. His lawyers filed last-minute arguments that the drug combination Ohio plans to use has a troubling history. But as WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports, that’s not the only argument being offered.

Ohio gun laws

A group advocating for gun control is planning to protest Wednesday at the Summit County Fair to try to stop the fairgrounds from being used throughout the year for private gun shows.

Summit County Progressive Democrats have been protesting at the fairgrounds for years, saying such shows around the nation facilitate sales of weapons to customers without background checks.

photo of Paolo DeMaria talking to attendees

The Ohio Department of Education is partnering with the staffing company Adecco to match high school students with local businesses.

State school Superintendent Paolo DeMaria says it solves potential problems that keep kids out of some workplaces – and away from real-work experiences.

“Sometimes businesses come to us and say, 'You know, there are liability issues,' or, 'How do we handle workers’ comp and other things for these students?' And we take that worry out of it by having Adecco as that staffing intermediary.”