Old Packard plant
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Plans are proceeding for bringing a major industrial operation to the  century-old Packard Electric site in Warren.  It’s the idea of a former Warren-native now living in California who says it could create 800 to 1,000 local jobs.

Although he is a successful West Coast developer, Christopher Alan is still fond of his home town. That’s one reason he chose it as the site for all design and manufacturing for the automated parking systems company he owns.

Photo of Sen. Cliff Rosenberger.

The Republicans who run the House will soon release their version of Gov. John Kasich’s budget. But before that, they’ll put out a list of their priority agenda items for this two-year session. 

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger of Clarksville says what’s called the Buckeye Pathway will outline the top issues for the Republican caucus better than the previous system has done.

photo of data sheets

A statewide think tank that studies health, education and economic issues is presenting data on Ohioans in a new way – taking it directly to state lawmakers. 


The generation of African-Americans who lived under Jim Crow is dying off, but the impact of segregation lives on according to sociologist Ruth Thompson-Miller. 

She teaches at the University of Dayton and spoke this week at Kent State University.

Her work focuses on what she calls segregation stress syndrome, a collective legacy of living in a two-tiered society.

Ruth Thompson-Miller began her research career collecting the stories of elderly black Americans who grew up in the Jim Crow era of segregation.

photo of Gov. John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich is spending the weekend in Washington – meeting with President Trump today, and then participating in meetings with governors about changes to the Affordable Care Act.  Whatever happens with the ACA has major implications to the state and hundreds of thousands of Ohioans.