festival sign


Every year, Peninsula holds a festival to welcome the arrival of ramps. They’re a native species that smells like garlic and tastes like onions, and they’re highly prized by country folk and chefs alike. But the “little stinkers,” as they’re known in the Cuyahoga Valley, aren’t easy to find as WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports in today’s Quick Bite.

“Want to ride the rest of the way?” 

The weather’s fine, but it’s a bit of a walk down Riverview Road from the parking lot. So Nancy Rhodes rides the packed shuttle bus to Ramp Up Peninsula.

Voters in Cuyahoga County

  The state is appealing a decision by a federal judge this week that would have restored the week when Ohioans could both register to vote and cast a provisional ballot on the same day. 

Secretary of State Jon Husted is appealing Republican U.S. District Judge Michael Watson’s initial order to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The order said eliminating the so called “golden week” was unconstitutional and violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 because it disproportionately hurt African American voters.

Community service officials at the Mt. Pleasant Development Corporation

The organization “Cure Violence” is in the third day of its tour of Cleveland, discussing its anti-violence programs with community members.

The Chicago-based group says it has successfully reduced killings in other cities by defusing conflicts in high-crime areas and by creating public-private partnerships. Today the group visited the Mt. Pleasant Development Corp., where members of several community service agencies were gathered. 

Know Your Charter

  A long-time charter school critic says the federal government has put nearly $30 million into charter schools that have closed or never opened in the first place. 

A report from Innovation Ohio’s Know Your Charter says a state panel that distributed the millions of dollars was made up of members from different charter schools that ended up getting the funds.

Know Your Charter’s Steve Dyer says improving this system must be a team effort.

electronic voting machine

  A former staffer for a liberal-leaning voter advocacy group is facing dozens of felony charges accusing her of falsifying voter registration forms. For Ohio Public Radio, WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports:


A Columbiana County grand jury indicted Rebecca Hammonds of East Liverpool after the Board of Elections spotted the names of dead people and an 11-year-old boy on the registrations she turned in last fall.