Photo of Dave Yost
Karen Kasler / Statehouse News Bureau

State Auditor Dave Yost is sounding a warning about the financial stress on Ohio’s counties and cities, saying their fiscal health is slightly worse than it was a year ago. 

photo of gavel, money and handcuffs

A bill in the Ohio House would try to reform the jail system by basing bail on a person’s risk to society rather than how much money they have.

Liberal and conservative groups both want changes in the criminal justice system. But when it comes to a new attempt to change the way bail is determined, the ACLU isn’t quite on board.

The bill would attach bail to risk, the lower a person’s risk, the lower the bail.

photo of Ohio Ballot Board

Backers of a proposed Ohio constitutional amendment that would release low-level drug offenders from jail and direct money to treatment instead has cleared one hurdle. 

The amendment is meant to reduce the number of people locked up in state prisons by reducing nonviolent drug crimes to misdemeanors. It would also allow offenders to get credit for time served in treatment instead. And it would also direct state money saved from a smaller prison population into drug-treatment programs.

beech tree nut

Researchers say they are stumped by a disease that’s infecting beech trees in Northeast Ohio.

Beech leaf disease can be identified by curling leaves with dark stripes. The leaves fall earlier than normal and prevents the tree from blooming the next season.

Mike Watson, conservation biologist at Holden Arboretum, says the cause of the disease and how it spreads is unknown.