Andy Chow

Statehouse Reporter

Andy Chow is a general assignment state government reporter who focuses on environmental, energy, agriculture, and education-related issues. He started his journalism career as an associate producer with ABC 6/FOX 28 in Columbus before becoming a producer with WBNS 10TV.


Andy gained his in-depth knowledge of Statehouse issues while working for Hannah News Service, an online-based news and research publication. He also participated in the Legislative Service Commission's Fellowship program as a production assistant for "The Ohio Channel."


Andy earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcasting at Otterbein University and took part in the Washington Semester program through American University in Washington, D.C.

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photo of Ohio lawmakers working on transportation budget

Republicans in the House and Senate have reached a compromise on the transportation budget. 

The House and Senate went back and forth in a joint committee on a number of issues, especially raising fees.

In the end, the House got its measure allowing counties to hike the vehicle registration fee by $5. Republican Rep. Rob McColley says the fees can provide a boost to local road projects.

“With cars becoming more fuel efficient, people driving less miles, the strain is being put on our local governments and they’ve asked for assistance.”


The number of babies born with drug withdrawal is eight times the rate of 10 years ago. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, the sharp climb is a direct result of Ohio’s opioid epidemic.

Babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, or NAS, experience symptoms ranging from low birth weight to seizures.

In 2006, 20 infants were born with NAS for every 10,000 live births. In 2015, that number skyrocketed to 155 infants per 10,000 live births.

photo of McKinley memorial

Lawmakers have a busy week ahead of them as they work on the general and transportation budget ahead of Gov. John Kasich’s annual State of the State address.

The House and Senate will get together to hash out a final deal on the transportation budget. Lawmakers have gone back and forth on proposals to increase the car-registration fee.

Keystone pipeline

President Donald Trump’s go-ahead for the Keystone pipeline that will run from Canada to the Gulf shore is triggering concerns from Ohio environmental groups. 

While the Keystone pipeline never gets close to Ohio, environmental groups believe President Donald Trump's giving it the go-ahead creates a bad precedent.

Ohio Environmental Council’s Melanie Houston says the Keystone project doesn’t go far enough to protect land and water.

photo of Philip Cole

A coalition of advocates for the poor have a new report on poverty in Ohio. They're using it to call on Congress to save multiple programs that would help low-income Ohioans.