Brandon Bounds

News Intern

Brandon is a junior journalism major at Kent State University with experience in broadcast, print, visual, radio and digital journalism. During the school year, Bounds works for student media with TV2 and The Kent Stater/Kentwired. Additionally, Bounds is a rising fellow for the Carnegie-Knight national News21 program for the upcoming summer. 

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A photo of Venture Products, Inc.

An Orville manufacturer is playing a small part in this year’s Winter Olympics.

Venture Products produces Ventrac tractors, which can be used for, among other things, clearing snow.  A South Korean contractor is using them to remove snow from areas around the Olympics stadium.

Venture Products CEO Dallas Steiner says this opportunity wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for his employees.

Ohio made it legal in 2016 for local wines to be sold at farmers markets. Craft beer could be next.

State Reps. Steve Hambley of Brunswick and Cleveland’s Martin Sweeney drafted the Ohio Proud Craft Beer Act.

Photo of bobcat

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division is considering a limited season for trapping bobcats.

ODNR is working with researchers to study the bobcat population and estimate how much more it will grow. Wildlife Communications Manager John Windau says sightings of the elusive cats have grown over the past decade. He also says the animals are typically harmless around people.

An Akron non-profit has been awarded a $75,000 United Way of Summit County Bold Goals grant to help prepare students for the future.

Jobs for Ohio Graduates plans to use the grant to assist Bold Goal number 2, which aims at 90 percent of Akron public high school students to have a 60 percent college and career readiness rate by 2025.

Executive Director Chris Canova says the grant provides room for growth and opportunity.

photo of Kent State

Kent State University could be the latest school to add a varsity program for eSports, multiplayer videogame competitions.

Kent State’s Vice President for System Integration, Nathan Ritchey, says the conversation about eSports started last April when the University of Utah announced its program.