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Lydia Taylor is a news intern for WKSU. She is a senior multimedia journalism major at Kent State University with experience in print and visual journalism. She is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism.  During the school year, Taylor works for Kent State Student Media in The Kent Stater and KentWired. She is currently the editor-in-chief in the Kent State University Student Media Newsroom for the fall semester. 

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Mohican-Memorial map

The Ohio Division of Forestry has come up with a plan to cut down some trees in Mohican-Memorial State Forest in order to allow others to grow. 

Before it was a state forest, farmers had planted pine trees in rows. Forest Manager Chad Sanders that prevents several native species from growing.

photo of Cuyahoga Valley National Park


The National Park Foundation is giving Cuyahoga Valley National Park a $100,000 grant to collaborate with local middle schools and high schools on science.

The grant will help the park launch a new citizen science project, which will encourage the classrooms to bring learning into the park.   

The park’s education director, Jesus Sanchez, says they will be working with schools to get students hands-on experiences alongside researchers within the park.



Photo of a chicken at the Ohio State Fair
The Ohio State Fair / Facebook

The Summit County Fair Board is taking precautions to avoid the swine flu that has caused problems at two other fairs around the state.

About 350 hogs at fairs in central and southwest Ohio were destroyed after the disease was discovered.

Summit County’s fair opens Tuesday.

Board Director Cathy Cunningham says staff is trained to keep animals and surrounding areas clean.

photo of hacker

Several Ohio government computer systems have been hacked within the last month, which cyber security expert Matthew Curtin says can be expected because of an increased reliance on technology.

The Wooster-Ashland Regional Council of Governments, which provides 911 dispatching, experienced the most recent hack, with more than 200,000 records compromised.

Curtin says government agencies need to think realistically while designing computer systems in order to avoid hackers.

Photo of a cigarette burning

Two Northeast Ohio universities are going smoke free starting July 1.

The University of Akron and Kent State University both say the goal is to make their campuses healthier.

University of Akron’s spokeswoman Lisa Craig says the smoking ban encourages fitness. 

Craig says it’s a “self-reporting” policy, which means those who see others smoking are asked to report it to a university official.