Mitch Felan

News Intern

Mitch Felan is a news intern for WKSU. He is a multimedia journalist with experience in print, television, radio and visual journalism. Felan is a junior at Kent State University, working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Journalism. During the school year, Felan works for Kent State Student Media in TV2, The Kent Stater, and KentWired. He will be serving as the Digital Director for Kent State University's Student Media Newsroom in the Fall.  

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photo of Verb Ballets class

Cleveland ballet dancers will be bringing American culture to Cuba next year with a series of planned performances in Havana. Verb Ballets will be joining ProDanza, the troupe of Cuban dancer Laura Alonso, to form the Cleveland Havana Ballet.

Alonso visited Verb Ballets earlier this year as an artist in-residence.

Verb Ballets spokeswoman Jen Garlando says the upcoming trip and Alonso’s residence were inspired by a Cleveland cultural initiative.

photo of Ferrante ice wine

Ohio winemakers have harvested and pressed grapes from this season’s crop for their famous ice wines.

These dessert wines are made with frozen grapes, meaning they can only be made in certain climates. The freeze more than doubles the wine’s sugar content.

Geneva winemaker Nick Ferrante says this year’s batch should be a good one.

Photo of bobcat

State wildlife officials are reporting Ohio’s once-threatened bobcat population is making a comeback due to laws protecting the cats. Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources says residents report nearly 200 sightings of the animals each year.

photo of Crosswalk Bucket

A Youngstown State University student group focused on city revitalization is doing its part to make downtown safer for pedestrians. The group, YSUscape, has installed what it calls “Crosswalk Buckets,” which hold brightly colored flags that pedestrians can wave while crossing the street.

Michael Hripko, the group’s faculty adviser, says he hopes the project benefits both students and residents in the downtown community.

photo of Akron eSports uniform

The University of Akron is joining a handful of schools around the nation in adding a new varsity sport that will allow students to compete in online video games.

eSports or “electronic sports” have been gaining in popularity at Ohio universities with Miami, Tiffin and Lourdes universities all starting programs since last year. Akron’s team will have as many as 35 students, with a club program supporting hundreds more.