Phil de Oliveira

Walt Clarke Fellow/Morning Edition Producer

Phil is a master’s student in Kent State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC). Prior to pursuing journalism, he earned a bachelor’s degree in music composition and piano. He also spent some time traveling Northern Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Phil currently lives in Cleveland Heights.

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photo of carpets on the wall

A new exhibit at Cleveland’s Museum of Contemporary Art is replacing paintings and sculptures with carpets.

The exhibit takes something that’s normally found on the floor, and hangs it on the wall.

MOCA’s deputy director, Megan Lykins Reich, says it’s a subtle move, but it immediately changes how people see the carpets.

"The most obvious thing that happens is when you put a carpet on a wall, it begins to function like a painting, rather than like a floor covering.”

photo of John Begala

A Cleveland-based research group is examining the impact of so-called big city problems on small Ohio towns.

A new report by the Center for Community Solutions finds that smaller towns depend more on shrinking “old-economy jobs” than their urban counterparts.

John Begala authored the study.

First Energy Headquarters
Tim Rudell / WKSU

FirstEnergy is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of people stealing overhead wires in the Cleveland area. The thieves are posing as utility workers, knocking on residents’ doors, and telling them not to call when their power goes out.

FirstEnergy spokesman Mark Durbin says the theft is more than just inconvenient.

“They’re creating very dangerous situations by potentially having live wires on the ground, not to mention that the power is out for the people who had the wires chopped out outside their house.”

photo of Hillary Clinton

Kent State University is offering a new course this spring. The subject is Hillary Clinton.

The class is called Hillary Clinton Case Study: Perspectives on Gender and Power. It will be taught by Kent State’s director of women’s studies, Suzanne Holt.

“This is an inquiry. It’s really not about starting with answers.  It’s a kind of inductive quest into a dramatic experience, and an unsettling one.”

But why Clinton, and why talk about her now? According to Holt, Clinton’s concession speech on Wednesday raised important questions about the future.

photo Voters in Cuyahoga County

Donald Trump has called for his supporters be on the lookout for voter fraud at polling locations.

But people who want to volunteer in Ohio as election observers must be certified by their county’s board of elections. And they are not allowed to record, persuade, challenge or otherwise engage with voters.

Mike Brickner from the ACLU of Ohio says observers are given official credentials to present each time they enter a precinct.