Philip de Oliveira

Walton D. Clarke Fellow/Morning Edition Producer

Philip is the Walton D. Clarke Fellow at WKSU, where he reports and produces Morning Edition.

His reporting and music criticism have appeared in The Chautauquan Daily, Cleveland Scene magazine and Cool Cleveland. His reporting has aired locally, statewide on Ohio Public Radio stations, and nationally on NPR. Before pursuing journalism, he earned a degree in music composition and piano. He also spent some time traveling northern Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. He lived in Brazil for three years before moving to northeast Ohio. He currently lives in Cleveland Heights.

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photo of Ohio Turnpike

The Ohio Turnpike is responding to driver complaints by scaling back its capital spending by about 15 percent in 2017.

Turnpike spokesman Brian Newbacher says drivers can still expect better roads. But next year, they’ll see fewer orange barrels.

“We still want to carefully balance the customer preference with the pace of our program for improvements because we know that motorists also want smooth pavement to drive on," Newbacher said.

photo of Monopoly house and coins

A report from the Pew Charitable Trusts shows payday lenders in Ohio charge the highest interest rates in the U.S.

Interest rates for payday loans in Ohio are as high as 591 percent. That’s despite the 2008 Short-Term Lending Act, which limits interest rates to 28 percent.

Pew's Alex Horowitz is encouraging Ohio to follow other states that have taken action to curb predatory lending.

photo of money

The latest Census figures show a wide gap in median family incomes in Ohio.

Overall, the numbers show median family incomes were highest in southern Ohio, in suburbs of Cincinnati and Columbus. New Albany made the top of the list, with a median family income of $221,148.

East Cleveland was at the bottom of the list, where the average family brought in $30,411. Even though Ohio’s median family income has risen 5 percent in the last three years, a third of Clevelanders still live in poverty.

photo of a barn owl

Bird watchers all over Ohio are grabbing their binoculars for the 117th annual Christmas Bird Count, underway through Jan. 5th.

Every year, the National Audubon Society puts on the Christmas Bird Count, an official census of bird populations throughout the U.S. conducted by local organizers and volunteers.

One of those local organizers is Kurt Grenig.

Photo of dangerous algae bloom in Lake Erie

Seven conservation groups from the Great Lakes region are threatening to sue the U.S. EPA, saying it has failed to enforce the Clean Water Act in Ohio.

The conservation groups are accusing the EPA of “foot-dragging” and ignoring the threat of toxic algae blooms, which affect drinking water and wildlife.