Tyler Thompson

News Intern


Tyler Thompson is currently a senior at Kent State University, focusing on multimedia journalism. He works for Black Squirrel Radio as a writer, article coordinator, DJ and production director. A former graduate at the University of Akron, he has a degree in firefighter protection where he earned his state license and graduated the EMT-Basic program from Akron General Hospital.

Ways to Connect

Elena Bell / The Akron Zoo

The Akron Zoo welcomed a unique deer species to the park last month.

The birth of a Siberian Musk deer, which is still unnamed, is a first for the zoo.  

Spokeswoman Elena Bell said the species is special to this area.

“They’re not a species that is really represented in a lot of zoos," she said. "It’s not an animal that you would think of when you visit the zoo, like the Cleveland Zoo doesn’t have them, the Columbus Zoo, so it’s really cool to be able to experience these unique animals.”

The Wick Poetry Center / Kent State University

The Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University is getting $50,000 to help make poetry more interactive.

The center is using a grant from the Knight Foundation Art and Technology Prototype Fund to create what it calls the Traveling Stanzas Listening Wall.

photo of opioid pills and bottles

Ohio is making progress in combating opioid misuse; however, a new report finds there’s still more work to be done, especially when it comes to doctor shopping. That’s when someone goes from doctor to doctor to increase the number of prescriptions they can get.

According to the report from the Department of Health and Human Services, some 5,000 Medicaid recipients received high amounts of opioids, with more than 700 at risk of overdose or misuse.

photo of Mac Love

A project in Akron to connect residents to their neighborhoods is hoping to bring them together through a series of events and activities this month.

@Play was a 2017 Knight Cities Challenge grant winner. Its focus is to provide Akron’s 24 neighborhoods with public art displays, theater productions and events like pool parties.

Mac Love bills himself as @Play’s “chief catalyst” and project leader.

University Hospital is denying liability in the loss of 4,000 eggs and embryos after a cold storage tank malfunctioned this spring.

A remote alarm set to notify staff away for the weekend of a malfunction was shutoff.

Attorney Tom Merriman who represents some of the 950 affected families, says after an initial apology, the hospital has recently shifted responsibility.