Advocates for Poor Ohioans Urge Gov. Kasich to Request a Federal Waiver for Food Assistance

Jul 5, 2016

Hamler-Fugitt argues more needs to be done for poor Ohioans in need of food.

Advocates for poor Ohioans are calling on Gov. John Kasich to take action now to get more federal money for food programs. 

The head of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks says the state should request a federal waiver that would allow more dollars to flow to agencies that help provide food for Ohio’s poorest citizens. Lisa Hamler-Fugitt says for the past three years, the state hasn’t applied for that help. And she says that means Ohio hasn’t been able to maximize its potential to get food for low-income people.

“It is good policy. It is good for health. It is good for Ohio,” she said.

This year's waiver deadline is coming up in the next few weeks.