Akron Sees Small Population Bump After Years of Decline

May 24, 2018

Since 1960, Akron has lost more than 90,000 residents. According data released this week by the Census Bureau, the city has lost another 1,100 since 2010. But Akron has actually seen a recent, though slight, bump in population.

Akron has just under 198,000 residents. And between 2016-2017 the city actually grew slightly by about 130 people. Jason Segedy, the city’s planning director, said however modest that number is, growth is growth.

“I am very hopeful the city can get back up above the 200,000 mark. I do think it’s doable.”

He said the rise in population could be due to a stronger housing market.

He thinks a recent city program that forgives 15 years of property taxes for new residential development could help boost residents.

Mayor Dan Horrigan said he wants to grow the city to 250,000 residents by the year 2050. Akron’s population has been below the 200,000 mark since the year 2000.