Akron Selling a Piece of its History

Aug 10, 2017

The bricks come from one of Akron's iconic B.F. Goodrich smokestacks which was partially taken down earlier this year due to safety concerns.

Akron is giving residents a chance to own a piece of city history with the sale of bricks from the iconic B.F. Goodrich smokestacks. 350 bricks are available from a project earlier this year when the city lowered one of the smokestacks due to safety concerns.

City spokesperson Ellen Lander-Nischt says many residents asked the city if they could buy them.

“…from a lot of people who had this history in their families or they just really feel connected to Akron’s history as this industrial powerhouse. They want to own a piece of this history, because someday those stacks won’t be there at all and, eventually, the whole plant at some point.”

The bricks cost $50, and all proceeds will go to the Akron Cares program, which helps Akron families who need assistance with water and sewer bills.

The smokestacks were decommissioned in 2015.