Allegiant Air leaving Akron-Canton Airport for Cleveland Hopkins

Sep 21, 2016

Cleveland and Allegiant Air officials celebrate the air carrier's decision to move from Akron-Canton Airport to Cleveland Hopkins. (L-R) Hopkins' Todd Payne, Allegiant's Lukas Johnson, interim Hopkins Director Fred Szabo, Mayor Frank Jackson and John Luteran of the Greater Cleveland Partnership

Ultra-low cost airline Allegiant Air is leaving Akron-Canton Airport and relocating to Cleveland Hopkins International. Akron-Canton officials say the move will not be a major blow to their airport. 

Allegiant Air will make the switch to Cleveland Hopkins in February. The low-cost airline says it's not unhappy with Akron-Canton, but most of its Northeast Ohio passengers are from Greater Cleveland, and Hopkins offers more room to grow.

Akron-Canton President Rick McQueen says the airport always hates to lose a carrier. But he says Spirit Airlines coming on-board blunts the loss of Allegiant.

“Spirit actually starts in November, so their flights will already be in effect when this happens. And of course they offer great low fares.”

McQueen says with Spirit, the only destination Akron-Canton loses when Allegiant leaves is Savannah, Ga. Allegiant is moving all six of its current destinations to Cleveland, and it will add four new destinations.