City Club Speaker Calls for New Leaders and a Clear Plan to Fix Cleveland's Economy

Jun 8, 2018

The man who helped bring the 2016 RNC to Cleveland is calling for new leaders to fix the city’s lagging economy. Jon Pinney, managing partner at the law firm of Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz, spoke at the City Club of Cleveland on Friday.

The event was prompted by a Business Insider article that ranked Cleveland as the weakest economy of America’s top 40 metropolitan areas.

Pinney says the city needs an ecosystem focused on economic development.

“We need to build an optimal model that is built truly on two concepts: collaboration and innovation. And after the process is complete, I think we need to hold a summit so we can tell the community what the plan is,” he said.

During the speech, Pinney called on a new generation of leaders from local non-profit organizations, commissions and companies to start the conversation.