Cleveland State Research Center Searches for Solutions to Ohio's Opioid Crisis

Aug 9, 2017


Cleveland State University has created a specialized research center to search for solutions to the opioid crisis.

The Center for Behavioral Health Sciences focuses on addiction science, policy research, education and links to mental illness. The center will work with local partners, like Saint Vincent Charity Medical Center.

Director Cathleen Lewandowski says the center specializes in many disciplines, featuring partners and researchers with expertise in fields like social work, psychology and engineering.

“Not one discipline can come up with all the answers, first of all. And second of all, when you’re looking at behavioral health, we’re talking about human beings. You know, we have our social selves, we have our biological selves and we have our emotional selves…”

She says the center is currently working on projects including an app and a strategic drug prevention program for elementary school students.