Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan Pushes Camp Ravenna for a $3.6 Billion Missile Defense System

Feb 13, 2018

Congressman Ryan came to Camp Ravenna today to see infrastructure improvements and a new high-tech firing range. But he also wanted to talk about trying to get the joint military training center at the heart of his district picked for the proposed East Coast Missile Defense site.

13th District Congressman Tim Ryan
Credit Tim Rudell / WKSU

During a news conference at Camp Ravenna, the Democratic congressman said he’s sending a letter to President Donald Trump asking for help in getting the sprawling military complex picked for the missile defense location. 

Ryan says the president, in his State of the Union address, spoke of wanting to do something for communities left behind economically by globalization and automation.

“So here he has a perfect opportunity for a $3.5 billion investment that’s going to be made by the Department of Defense with the opportunity to put it in a community that could really use the economic shot in the arm.” 

Camp Ravenna is one of three finalists for the missile defense site. The others are in upstate New York and Western Michigan

Ryan said he’s sending a letter to the White House laying out specific strengths of the northeast Ohio location—including access to shipping through the Great Lakes and via the Ohio River from the Gulf of Mexico. 

River barge nearing Pier 48 and intermodal facility in Columbiana County
Credit Columbiana County Port Authority website

“Research universities and multiple universities that are around Camp Ravenna provide a huge asset for us.  The port in Columbiana County which could help deliver the products here and throughout the construction process; the active rail line that is here. So all of these things, I think, put Camp Ravenna in a really good position.”