Doctors' Effort to Buy Massillon's Only Hospital Is Coming Up Short

Jan 26, 2018

The hospital had planned to cease clinical operations Feb. 4, but a court has extended the timeline.

An effort by doctors to buy Affinity Medical Center in Massillon seems to be coming up short.

Dr. Nash Gabrail has been spearheading an effort to try to save the hospital. Its private, for-profit owner announced three weeks ago it was shutting it down.

Gabrail says his group just hasn't been able to raise the money they need to buy the hospital andto  have a six-month cushion of operating funds, which could require up to $9 million per month.

“You know, I am an oncologist, and oncologists are notorious optimists. I don’t see much optimism in this.”

Gabrail says the doctors would welcome anyone who could keep Affinity open, but he worries that if the hospital has to close during a transitional period, patients and doctors will go elsewhere.