Donald Trump Promises Ohioans Tax Cuts, the End of Obamacare and a NAFTA Overhaul

Oct 28, 2016

During a stop in Springfield, Ohio, Donald Trump told about 5,000 people that the Clintons are to blame for Ohio's years of job losses.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke before a crowd of about 5,000 at the Champion Center Expo in Springfield, repeating promises to restore the economy.

Trump called for a change of leadership in Washington, saying, "This election is for the heart and soul of America.”

The candidate also said he’ll repeal and replace Obamacare.

“Obamacare, it’s a catastrophic event for Ohio workers. And it’s making it impossible for many parents to pay heir bills, support their families or get quality medical care to their children.”

The candidate promised to renegotiate NAFTA, and oversee what he called the “the biggest tax cut [for Americans] since Ronald Reagan.”

After the rally, Trump supporter Chris Burcham from Kettering said he plans to vote for Trump. The retired Chrysler autoworker says he appreciates Trump’s anti-abortion stance.

“As a Christian, we need a good man in there who is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs we need to put god back in our country.”

In his speech, Trump blamed the Clintons for Ohio’s years of manufacturing-job losses.