Environmental Advocates Push Back on Extending Ohio's Green Energy Freeze

Jun 1, 2016


Though lawmakers are out of the Statehouse for the summer, many issues remain that might get a lot of attention when they get back. They include Ohio’s green energy policies. 

As of now, the laws that required electric utilities to provide a certain amount of renewable energy and achieve a certain amount of efficiency are on hold. But those policies are secheduled to go back into effect at the end of the year.

Several conservative lawmakers want to pass a bill that extends the freeze.

Environmental advocates such as Trish Demeter with the Ohio Environmental Council, plan to spend this summer fighting that proposal.

“The summer break could provide an opportunity for thoughtful conversations among reasonable parties to come up with a plan to get our state back on track, but time’s a wasting.”

One of those parties might by Gov. John Kasich’s office. Kasich has called an indefinite freeze of the standards “unacceptable.”