GM-Honda Fuel-Cell Partnership Expected to Help Stark State College

Feb 6, 2017

A new partnership between General Motors and Honda to develop and build fuel cells in Michigan for their advanced “green” vehicles is seen as a plus for Stark State College.

Jim Maloney coordinates Stark State’s Fuel Cell Prototyping Center, where students study the electricity-producing devices. He expects excitement over the GM-Honda partnership to boost enrollment.

“If students don’t hear much about this new technology, they tend to study other subjects. But when companies like GM and Honda make an announcement like this, you get students coming in saying they want to be in the fuel-cell industry. That generates additional students for us.”

Maloney believes the auto-giant partnership will result in strong fuel cell advancements because each company has already made individual strides in the technology. The companies expect to start producing their  next-generation fuel cells in about three years.