GOP State Rep. Pelanda Is Running for Secretary of State

Mar 1, 2017

More candidates are coming forward to run next year, not just for governor but also other statewide offices. There’s now a race building for the state’s top elections chief in 2018.

House Majority floor leader Dorothy Pelanda of Marysville says she’ll run for Secretary of State. She’s stressing her experience as a small-business owner experience and her concerns about voter fraud, which she admits is minimal. She’s the first Republican to announce for this office.

“I have no idea who else may be considering this. I only know that I have a deep desire to serve our state and its citizens in this capacity.”

Akron-area Sen. Frank LaRose says he’s been considering running, too, and will make a decision later this spring. When asked about Pelanda’s announcement, LaRose stressed his record on election-law changes but says the process is open for anyone who wants to run.