Great Lakes Theater Discount for Spring 2018

Jan 30, 2018

WKSU listeners can purchase discounted "A" level tickets for Great Lakes Theater productions of the stage adaptation of Stephen King's Misery (Feb. 16 - March 11), Shakespeare's tragic masterpiece Macbeth (March 29 - April 15) and the groovy hit revue Beehive: The 60s Musical (May 4 - May 20).

Use the code KSU when ordering and receive a $10 discount for "A" level tickets for all Great Lakes Theater performances.

When successful romance novelist Paul Sheldon awakes in a secluded home, rescued from a car crash by his "number one fan" Annie Wilkes, fiction quickly becomes stark reality. While he semi-consciously convalesces under her "care," Annie secretly reads the unpublished manuscript of his new novel Misery and becomes enraged upon discovering that he has killed off her favorite character. When Annie demands that he rewrite his novel, Paul quickly realizes that the only way to avoid his own personal unhappy ending is to outwit the sociopathic bibliophile that seems bound and determined to keep him permanently bedridden.

In a maelstrom of politics and magic, Shakespeare's towering tragedy Macbeth melds unforgettable characters and incomparable language in a fascinating drama of corruption and heroism. You are invited to an eerie evening of dazzling darkness, where specters and riddles foretell the futures of kings. But beware: "something wicked this way comes."

An exuberant jukebox celebration of the women musicians who made the 60s truly memorable, Beehive transports audiences on a nostalgic musical journey back in time. Featuring forty classic chart-toppers (and Aqua Net-glistening coiffures, of course), this groovy retro-revue highlights hits that range from the Supremes' memorable melodies to Janis Joplin's heart-rending rasp to Aretha Franklin's soul and more. So break out your vintage best... and prepare to sing along, dance in the aisles and relive one of music’s truly golden eras.

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