Immigration Advocates Are Pushing for Reforms

Mar 16, 2017

Pat Valente, president of The International Entrepreneur Ohio, speaks in support for pro-immigration reform coalition, FWD.US.

A group of advocates is gathering in Ohio to call for comprehensive immigration reform. The effort seeks to change the narrative about people who come into the U.S.

Josh Davda is a first-generation immigrant who owns a software company in Columbus.

Davda says many immigrants who live in the U.S. are very talented, but that’s not what you usually hear in the national debate.

“We do not in this country have awareness of the positive impact that immigration makes; we only hear the noises about the border and Muslim ban and all the rest.”

Davda is part of the coalition FWD.US, a group that’s calling for immigration reform that makes it easier for high-skilled immigrants to stay in the states and creates a pathway towards legalization.