New Delays for Ohio's Clean Energy Standards

Apr 18, 2016

An Ohio lawmaker is pushing to extend the freeze on the state's green energy standards

State lawmakers are coming up on a deadline on whether to change the law on green energy and renewable standards for utilities, or to leave it alone and let those standards go back into effect. 

A law passed in 2014 froze those renewable energy requirements for power companies for a two year period, expiring this year.  A bill from Republican Sen. Bill Seitz of Cincinnati would stop what he calls those “mandates” from taking effect another three years. 

“I am not a believer in socialism. This is not Bernie Sanders-ville. And I do not appreciate or favor mandates on our businesses and our residents to pay for stuff that they don’t voluntarily wish to do.”

Seitz says the bill implements the recommendations of a lawmaker study committee, including counting more sources as renewable and promoting energy efficiency and weatherization. Gov. John Kasich has called the committee’s recommendations unacceptable.