New Efficient Light Bulbs Illuminate the Ohio Statehouse

Oct 6, 2017

The Ohio Statehouse will be changing about 900 light bulbs in their building to more efficient and energy saving bulbs.
Credit Statehouse News Bureau

Many homeowners throughout the state have changed to more efficient lightbulbs. Now, one of the state’s most storied and iconic buildings will be getting a lighting upgrade too. 

Imagine changing 900 light bulbs. That’s what spokesman Luke Stedke says is happening now at the Statehouse.

“To a more efficient, LED lightbulb that saves energy, saves money and then gives the right type of historical lighting that we need for a building like the Statehouse.”

The lighting will have dimming capabilities. The bulbs were $9.40 cents a unit but an AEP rebate allows the state to pay about half that amount. Stedke says the new bulbs will save up to 90% on energy costs.