Ohio Adds New Industry-Recognized Credentials for High School Grads

Jul 14, 2017

Some of the new credentials include logistics technicians and registered central service technicians.
Credit Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio Department of Education is expanding the number of credentials for high school students who are learning a trade.

The Industry-Recognized credentials program allows high school students to get work experience and gain certifications required for the fields they want to work in. Some of the 49 new credentials include hospital workers and logistics technicians.

Steve Gratz is the senior executive director of the department’s Center for Student Support and Education Options. He says the credentials were selected with help from industry workers and managers in Ohio.

“The key thing is every credential on that list has to be valued by industry. Industry must say ‘yes, those credentials are what we require or what we look for in candidates who apply for jobs.’”

Students must earn at least 12 points in order to graduate with the credentials option. They are available in fields like health, businesses, arts and law.