Ohio EPA Director Hopes Proposed Lead Contamination Changes Work Into Outdated Federal Laws

Mar 31, 2016

Butler says the federal rules on lead-contaminated water are outdated and are in need of an overhaul.

Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio EPA laid out plans today to change how municipalities handle lead-contaminated drinking water.

Some of the proposed changes include tighter deadlines for informing people of contaminated water and providing grants for communities to replace lead service lines.

Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler says making changes now at the state level will hopefully encourage change in antiquated federal laws.

“We actually want the changes we’re making today to fit into these larger national changes that need to be made so that we restore the public’s confidence and trust that the Safe Drinking Water Act is doing just that: providing safe drinking water."

The proposal now heads to the Ohio Legislature for approval. It’s set to be reviewed sometime next week.