Ohio Hired a Convicted Drug Dealer to Score Marijuana Growing License Applications

Dec 5, 2017

Jimmy Gould is challenging the state's selection of the dozen companies that have been tentatively awarded licenses to operate large growing operations.

The head of one of the companies that failed to get one of Ohio's large marijuana growing licenses says the state hired a convicted drug dealer to play a key role in the program.

Jimmy Gould is one of the backers of the failed 2015 ballot issue to legalize marijuana. Gould says Trevor C. Bozeman, owner of iCann Consulting, which the state hired to score applicants for growing licenses, has a conviction for possessing and intending to traffic drugs.

“It’s not OK to have agreed to pay a convicted drug dealer $150,000 for this,” Gould said.

Gould is calling on for an investigation into the way vendors and licensees are chosen. In a written statement, the Ohio Department of Commerce, which oversees the program, says all consulting companies met the standards provided within their contracts and adds anyone who didn’t receive a license have the right to appeal the decision.