Ohio Says It Will Be a Leader In Lead Notification if Lawmakers OK Changes

Mar 31, 2016

The state wants to change lead-notification laws following water contamination issues in the village of Sebring near Alliance.

Ohio environmental officials moved forward today with plans to change the rules on handling lead-contaminated water in the state.

The proposal from Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio EPA lays out plans to tighten the timeframe on notifying residents of contaminated water from 30 days to two. The state would also provide grants and loans to cities for the replacement of lead lines and fixtures.

The announcement comes as state officials say there are shortcomings in federal drinking water laws.

Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler says Ohio will be a national leader in stricter lead contamination laws if the legislation passes.

“We continue to want to work with the federal EPA on larger changes to the program, but Ohio will be at the forefront of all of the states on how we’re taking really significant action on lead protection,” Butler said.

The proposal now heads to the Ohio Legislature for approval. It’s set to be reviewed sometime next week.