Ohio's Controversial Academic Distress Commissions Gain Outside Support

Dec 24, 2017


As the Youngstown Board of Education moves forward with a lawsuit over the constitutionality of their Academic Distress Commission, a national education group says the system is a strength for Ohio schools.

Both Youngstown and Lorain City Schools currently have ADC's that are appointed by state and local leaders to overhaul struggling school systems.

Chad Adleman with Bellwether Education Partners says the constitutionality of the ADCs is a determination for Ohio’s courts.

“But I will say that, generally, our experts saw that sort of activity as a good thing, as a way for the state to say school districts are creatures of the state and when they are very low performing, the state has a role to play.”

The positive review was part of a Bellwether study of Ohio’s plan to enact the federal Every Student Succeeds Act