Ohio's New Opioid Prescription Data Rules Might Help Curb the State's Crisis

Jan 4, 2018


Rates of prescription overdose deaths in Ohio are at a six-year low. New rules on collecting data on opioid prescriptions going into effect to try to cut that further.

In August, the state began limiting the amount of opioid-based painkillers doctors could prescribe at one time – seven days for adults and five days for kids. And now, as Tessie Pollack with the State of Ohio Medical Board explains, new data collection rules are in place for those prescribers by requiring diagnosis codes on scripts.

“This is going to help us get some data on why we are prescribing for pain, maybe some instances where we could look into other therapies, and really help providers access other resources for acute pain,” Pollack said.

The state has also filed a lawsuit against five painkiller manufacturers, claiming the drugs led thousands into deadly opioid addiction.