Sherrod Brown Says Scott Garrett Should Not Head the EXIM Bank He Wants to Eliminate

Nov 1, 2017

President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the controversial U.S. Export Import Bank was questioned by the Senate Banking Committee Wednesday.  Here is the reaction of Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

Former Congressman Scott Garrett
Credit Wikipedia

The EXIM bank is a government-owned bank born in the Great Depression to finance businesses that export.

Supporters say it spurs the economy. Critics call it corporate welfare.

Scott Garrett, the nominee to run EXIM, is a critic. After the former congressman’s confirmation appearance before the Senate Banking Committee, Democratic member Sherrod Brown said he still opposes him.

He never really gave an answer (of) why does he want this job, when he spent much of his congressional career trying to put this bank out of business. ... It’s his view, I’m fine. It’s a free country, he can think what he wants.  But he is philosophically, strongly, vehemently against the existence of the EXIM bank.”

The committee will now decide whether or not to recommend Garrett’s confirmation to the full Senate.