State School Board Member Joins the Ticket With Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Schiavoni

Jan 2, 2018

Dodd, a state Board of Education member, has been outspoken about many aspects of Ohio's education policy.

The first Democrat to join the race for his party’s nomination for governor has become the first to announce a running mate. Sen. Joe Schiavoni has picked state Board of Education member Stephanie Dodd as his potential lieutenant governor.

Dodd has been outspoken on the state school board about testing, graduation rates and the controversy involving attendance at the online charter school ECOT.

“Being asked to join the ticket, I think, was an easy no-brainer for me. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team and I think that we bring a strong message,” she said.

Schiavoni, who’s from the Youngstown area, says he’d been talking to Dodd, a central Ohio native, for several months.

“It’s not about checking boxes to find the right lieutenant governor candidate. It’s about finding somebody that you have issues you can come together on.”

Dodd is the second woman to be announced as a running mate in this year’s governor’s race; Republican Jim Renacci has named Cincinnati Councilwoman Amy Murray as his running mate.  Four women are running for governor – three Democrats and one Republican.