Study on Ohio Asthma Attacks Prompts Call to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Sep 1, 2016

The Clean Air Task Force says Ohio's oil and gas industry needs to reduce carbon emissions that can lead to asthma attacks in children.

Children in Ohio suffered about 30,000 asthma attacks this summer, according to environmental researchers.  Advocates are using the study to call for changes to oil and gas regulations.

A group called the Clean Air Task Force says smog causes asthma attacks in thousands of kids.

Suzanne Fortuna is the mother of a 10-year-old son with asthma. She's also a nurse who helps children with the disorder daily, and says “I can give kids medication all the time but we’re sending them back out to the environment where they’re living or outside breathing air that we have created that’s more dangerous.”

Fortuna and other environmental advocates say the oil and gas industry needs to reduce carbon emissions.

But other groups say more regulations aren't a silver bullet and there are other factors at play, such as mold.