Summit County Republicans Look for Someone to Carry On Arshinkoff's Legacy

Aug 31, 2017

2008 WKSU file photo of Alex Arshinkoff
Credit WKSU

Summit County Republicans are in the process of selecting their next leader.

Alex Arshinkoff, who died earlier this week, was head of the Summit county GOP for nearly 40 years.

John Green, the director of the University of Akron's Bliss Institute, says Arshinkoff had success in a predominantly Democratic county and finding his successor will be hard.

"Alex was a very effective strategist, very good at raising money, very politically astute," said Green. "His opinions were sought by not just local candidates, but also statewide and even presidential candidates. He'll be a very difficult person for the Republicans to replace."

State law requires his position be filled within 15 days of his death.