Third Frontier Looks for High-Tech Solutions To The Opioid Crisis

May 24, 2017

The Third Frontier's funding will include a competitive process of selecting the best ideas in the pipeline and those that are not yet underway.

In his State of the State speech last month, Gov. John Kasich announced he wants the state’s Third Frontier Commission to spend $20 million toward high-tech solutions to the deadly opioid crisis.

The panel has taken the first step toward doing that.

The commission will spend $12 million on what it determines, through a competitive process, are the best devices, drugs, medical products, tests or other ideas to combat the opioid crisis. These will be ideas that are already in development but need some more funding to get them to market.

Norm Chagnon with the Ohio Development Services Agency says it will also spend $8 million on a challenge to bring in new ideas.

“As a result of collecting those ideas, we are going to formulate specific challenges from that input, driving towards actual technical solutions to those.”

The challenge will be competitive as well, with the best proposals also receiving small financial awards.