Windmill Owner Restates Position on Bird Data

Jun 30, 2016

The energy company that went to court to keep data on its western Ohio wind farm from being released by the state, maintains that it tried to accommodate researchers seeking the information.

Paul Copleman of Iberdrola Renewables

Paul Copleman is a spokesman for Iberdrola Renewables, owners of Blue Creek wind farm. 

Company maintains that it did what it could

He says when Black Swamp Bird Observatory on the Lake Erie shore wanted data on the effect of Blue Creek’s wind mills on birds the company turned over all non-proprietary information.

Nestlings at Black Swamp Bird Observatory

But, Black Swamp is looking for more for its research and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has all the Blue Creek data. “Now they have come to the state of Ohio with the same ask and of course we have made the same point – they have seen the heart of this matter already, and the rest of what they’re asking for would be detrimental to our competitive business model.”

Legal action

Iberdrola is now suing in Franklin County Common Pleas Court to block release of the information.