Yost Finds 'Critical Errors' in Medical Marijuana License Applications

Feb 13, 2018

Credit Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program

Ohio’s auditor has found a big problem with the process for scoring applications from those interested in growing medical marijuana for the state’s new program. 

Auditor Dave Yost has sent a letter to the head of the Ohio Department of Commerce saying he’s concerned that employees could have changed scores for those who applied for large growers’ licenses because of the access given to two employees who created and managed passwords for the application reviewers.

In a written statement, the Ohio Department of Commerce says it has already implemented changes and is performing a full internal review of all its processes to ensure accuracy, efficiency and security. 

There’s no word yet on what effect this could have on licenses already awarded to growers, but some who were rejected have appealed and others say they intend to sue the state.